📖 Misha's Mission: Life lessons from a Homeless person.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

First of all it feels weird and inappropriate to call him a 'Homeless person'. His name is Misha. He does not deserve to be called 'the homeless person', he's not a number, he's not just a face. He's a person who deserves respect.  But in this 'project' I still have to call him homeless, to raise awareness,  to make people (who have not heard about us/him) see where he comes from.  Last week, I was in the car with Misha, taking him to a new job interview with  a very special CEO in Ghent. This is not something you do every day.  Believe me, when you think about it.. taking a homeless person in your car and bringing him to the CEO of a big company.. That's special.  We, RITCH, achieved this. Wauw. I was dazzled by this opportunity! Misha and I had a 45 minute drive ahead of us. And yet again, I was amazed  by this soul. From the minute I saw Misha, I knew he was perfect for this  project. And today, I just got the reminder that he is ment to do more!  There you are.. in the car.. with a million thoughts running through your head.  Good things, bad things, issues, problems, happy thoughts, solutions,..  And then he says: Daisy, stop worrying about me.  I know that my situation is sick, but I am not dead yet. I don't want you to worry about me.  You are doing the best you can for me. And you gave me hope. You gave me trust in life again. Even when the interview goes bad.. I am now sure that I will find my way again.  You came into my life like a guide. And I am so thankful for that.  But I will be ok, remember that!  I've studied different religions while I was on the street. I didn't know in what to believe.  So I've looked into all of them. Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism,.. And you know what?  I've ended up with the religion I already have. You know why?  Because all religions all say the same thing. Believe in the greater good. Respect each other.  Do no harm. Mind your thoughts, keep them healthy and positive.  And they all admire a different God but.. what's in a name?  All religions want the same thing, they just give it a different name.  And when we are all on the same side, words and names don't matter. We are all working on the same goal. And the road towards that goal.. How or with who... That should not be your focus. Let things happen. Believe in your intuition. And when you keep your focus on the goal you set for yourself, you will get there. And you will know how to do this, without all these thoughts running through your head. We are one. Veni. Vidi. Vici. I came, I saw and one day I will conquer. And you will do the same. So there you are..  Arriving at the meeting. Completely blown away by what he said. Some might think that this is just a marketing act. Or that what I am writing could not possibly come from 'a homeless person'. But for those who don't believe.. I dare you to go out and talk to him. you'll be as amazed as I was.

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